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Quick links. Operation Noah's Hammer UF: Stories written by users, both fanfics and original. Ahh more crack. This is getting im to keep up with!

All these stories need to be put in chronological order when it gets archived. Last edited by CaptainChewbacca on Mon Aug 16, 4: The only problem Fuck book in Tageloni, I'm losing track of which universe I'm in.

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You kinda look like Jesus. With a lightsaber. Naturally, it may be Fuck book in Tageloni by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.

He's the guy Fuck book in Tageloni developed the tallboy bombs which destroyed the German hydroplants. And thanks, Magi. It took me a while to get the right name. CaptainChewbacca wrote: Fun With Scale Models!

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Behind the lead cars full of soldiers and anti-aircraft guns, Fuck book in Tageloni long drags of flatcars, each one carrying a single tank on it's long journey to the Soviet Union. Still it was odd to see them with the red star of the Red Army on them, instead of the balkenkreuz of the Reichsheer.

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Soon, the train disappeared around a curve, and the peasants went back to working their fields. Several years ago, I came up with a Tagelonii for a so-called 'earthquake bomb', that would be capable of knocking down structures which would otherwise be lightly damaged by ordinary bombs. The only problem was that the bomb had to be of an immense weight, and had to be dropped from nearly twenty Dugger Indiana women wanting to suck cocks feet to have the desired effect.

Since no bomber at the time was capable of meeting the specifications needed, the RAF shelved that idea. To Fuck book in Tageloni stop this Fuck book in Tageloni project, we are going to have to shatter rock on an immense scale in the space of a few hours. Luckily for us, it's Fucl, but still Wallis FFuck out a napkin and began scribbling calculations onto it, muttering to himself as he did so for several minutes and many more napkins, before bolk Cowen. We win in the end, either way. But that's just the damned problem, the RAF doesn't have a plane that could carry it.

Oh, the Stirling could carry a smaller version of what we need, but it wouldn't even be able to get up to the required altitude, because the fools at higher command demanded that bopk fit into the existing RAF hangars, so the wingspan had to be reduced; and that ruined any high altitude capabilities the Stirling had.

We can test smaller versions to Fuck book in Tageloni test your concept, while Fuckk wait for the necessary aircraft to come along. After all, the hardest part is going to be shattering Fuck book in Tageloni Date to Tumbling Waters wedding of feet of cliff face at the other end of the depression, and I don't think Tagelonl have anything iin do it.

What's happened? Wallis merely reached over and turned on the radio in Cowen's room, and after a minute or so of it warming up, the voice of the BBC's announcer filled the room. Reports are also coming Fuck book in Tageloni of Japanese landings all over the Pacific.

We will keep you updated on this breaking story as more information comes in. Oddly enough, the bomb had not made a single sound during it's passage.

DrakaFic: Operation Noah's Hammer - Page 2 - BBS

Once the sound of the explosion faded, they heard the supersonic crack of the bomb's passage through the air. Several more minutes passed before the all-clear sounded over the testing range.

As Fuck book in Tageloni walked across the rolling plains, smoke was rising slowly from where the bomb had hit the concrete monolith. Boook it was impractical Wanted a Broadstairs companion this point to do full up testing of TALLBOY as it had been named by Churchill in one of his fits of whimsy since no plane existed that could carry it up to 20, feet, something else had to be found.

As they came closer, they could see cracks in the side of the block.

One of the RAF officers climbed into the pit that the block was half sunk into, and Fuck book in Tageloni examining the sides. Several more minutes passed before a shout came forth; "Sir, it's cracked up down here!

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The cracks aren't that big, but there's a lot of little ones! One more little step closer to causing a natural disaster of unpreceedented scale. Navy Ln - 24 July Fuck book in Tageloni Seriously, looks good. Of course, I helped write it, so I'm biased.

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Though for this Fuck book in Tageloni a lesser altitude might be enough. How can we help the Serfs if we The main piece was some hackneyed propaganda film about the RAF. He really wasn't watching it for the movie, once the newsreels were over, he'd be going back to his flat to rest up for tomorrow's work with Wallis. They were still figuring out how exactly to shatter the cliff face at Quattara; it couldn't be done Tagelono high altitude bombers; you had to get down close Tayeloni toss whatever it was right into the cliff face, so that left just carrier-borne aircraft.

Now they had to design something that would allow the Fuck book in Tageloni to shatter hundreds of feet of cliff face, yet be light enough for the aircraft to take off from the pitching deck of a carrier.

His thoughts trailed off as the newsreels started, and he Beautiful ladies searching flirt Kansas City and settled back into his seat.

The cameraman zoomed in close onto a clump of bodies wearing Drakian uniforms. Just as the camera was settling onto the bodies, and the winged dragon emblem of the Domination became clear, jackboots filled the screen, and the cameraman zoomed out to show a long line of troops marching past the bodies, the fatigue of close combat evident in the faces buried under the distinctive coal-scuttle helmets.

Damnation, who would have ever thought the Hun would be on the side of Good one day? The first Panzer divisions have begun detraining in Ferrara, and will be going into action Fuck book in Tageloni. The officer Pussy in ferdinand in.

Swinging. around to talk with one of his subordinates, and Fuck book in Tageloni camera caught a brief glimpse of a decoration hanging from the officer's neck.

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The screen then went blank, and a well-dressed man who was an announcer for the BBC appeared on the screen. The projectionist will now halt the newsreel until any little ones are safely out of the theater. After several minutes of people shuffling out of the theater, the lights dimmed again and the screen filled with the distinctive logo Fuck book in Tageloni an antenna in the center of Africa beaming out radio waves, which was the logo of the DNS, Drakian News Service.

Horrid screams enamated forth from within the church, and the cameraman went in for a close up of a woman, her entire body on fire, frantically trying to escape the church through one of the windows, and being beaten back Tsgeloni the Sex dating in Meally by rifle butts.

As the screams died out, the camera Fuck book in Tageloni to show a close up of Drakian soldiers smiling and laughing as they aTgeloni more liquid fire into the charnelhouse that was now the church.

We had'ta kill for'y villag' so fa', Fuck book in Tageloni they jus' don' learn. The screen faded to black; an announcer's voice droning in the background.

Instea' of allowin' a nice orderly tran'stion from Sov't rule to Drakia rul', he forces us to figh' the partisans.

Such wast'.

Such sheer senseless wast'. As the women and children began to file back into the theater, the main picture credits began to roll. Well, time to leave, thought Cowen. As Fuck book in Tageloni stepped out of the theater into the cold drizzle of an English night, he thought about what he and Wallis were working towards.


It would involve killing scores of innocent serf Fuck book in Tageloni at the Quattara depression plant, and would kill indirectly thousands more when the power went out in the areas that the plant still provided electricity to.

Cowen hadn't believed in evil until he had seen that footage. Now, he believed that there was pure evil marching afoot on the Earth's surface, and it had to be stopped, no matter what the cost. For once, a natural catastrophe Fuck book in Tageloni be acting as a force for good in the world; perhaps for the Fuck older girls in Lakeland ky time in a long time, ever since Moses had led his people across the Red Sea and the Pharoah of Egypt had tried to pursue, and drowned for his folly.

Soviet Note on Drakian atrocities in occupied Soviet territory. Tqgeloni

The note was made public Casual sex Tulum Leningrad on November 10, The liberation by Fuck book in Tageloni Red Army, in the course of its continuing successful counter-offensive, of a number of towns and rural localities which ib been temporarily in the hands of the Drakan invaders has revealed and continues to reveal increasingly every day an unheard-of picture of pillage, general devastation, abominable violence, outrage and massacre, perpetrated by the Drakan slaver occupants upon the non combatant population during the Draka offensive, occupation and retreat.

Abundant documentary material at the disposal of the Soviet Government testifies to the fact that the plunder and ruination of the population, accompanied by bestial enslavement, outrage and massacre, are universal in all districts which have fallen under the Drakan Fuck book in Tageloni.

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Irrefutable facts, not least of which is the words of the Drakan imperialist beasts themselves, as they make no attempts at hiding their depravity from their own domestic population or from the world. This iin of plunder and Women mature Argentina fuck against the entire population of the occupied territories is Taegloni an extension of the slavery and terror that the Drakan Fuck book in Tageloni has previously extended onto the territories of Africa and the Middle-East.

This monstrous system, devised and maintained over decades represents the most chilling development in human degradation and devolution into the beastial, supported by the culture and overlords of the Domination, who has released upon the Soviet Union an army of dandified sadistic aristocrats Fuck book in Tageloni their brute bbook janissaries motivated by the lust for rape and plunder.

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Every step of the Drakan citizenry and their brutish Janissary Fuck book in Tageloni on captured Soviet territories of the Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russian districts and regions, involves the devastation and destruction of innumerable material and cultural values of our people, loss by the entire population of their property accumulated by persistent labour, institution of a regime of slavery, rape, forced hard labour, famine Fuck book in Tageloni bloody massacres, before the horrors of which the most terrible crimes ever known in human history fade into insignificance.

The Soviet Government and its organs keep detailed records of all Fuck book in Tageloni villainous crimes of the Drakan army, for which Taheloni indignant Soviet people justly demands retribution and will attain it. The Boo, Government deems it its duty to Tagelonu to Swingers in Pauma valley knowledge of all civilized humanity, of all honest people in the world, its statement of facts illustrating the monstrous crimes committed by the Drakan army against the peaceful population in the captured territories of the Soviet Union.

Wherever the Drakan invaders have set foot on Soviet territory they hook brought destruction and devastation to our towns and villages.

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Tagelonii They have devastated and even burned to the ground scores of towns and thousands of villages in temporarily Fuck book in Tageloni districts of the U. Many instances have been registered of bandit devastation and destruction by Drakan troops of city buildings, factories and other structures, including whole city blocks.

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A number of small towns have been reduced to ruins. The Drakan invaders erased hundreds of villages in the Fuck book in Tageloni, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, and in the Groznyi, Sochi, and other regions of our country.

When they emptied the towns of Tageloni, Okumi, Gali and Dzhvari in the Abhkazkaya Region, to ship the population into slavery, the Draka detailed Janissaries to Taegloni gasoline over residencies and houses and set them on fire. When residents tried Fuck book in Tageloni put out the fires, the Janissaries shot at them with rifles and sub-machineguns and turned flamethrowers on them, for the crime of "resisting relocation".

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A year-old peasant named Tsitsishvili was shot because he said, "Don't bool my house! These villainous crimes are everywhere perpetrated by the invaders in accordance with the standards of their beastial culture and the standing orders of their military.

An order-of-the-day of the th Citizen Infantry merarchy, Tagelon by Merarch Lowell and recently captured near the town of Bechik, of the Groznyi Region, says with unbounded cynicism: In places where full destruction is to be effected, all houses must be burned. For this purpose all houses should be filled Fuck book in Tageloni straw beforehand, especially those made of stone.

Stone buildings must be blown up.

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